Issue 4
December 1995

Why Prairie Grains?

David Torgerson, MAWG & MWRPC Executive Director






Prairie Grains is the
official publication of
the Minnesota
Association of
Wheat Growers,
North Dakota Grain
Growers Association,
South Dakota Wheat,
Inc., and the
Minnesota Barley
Growers Association.

The name of this magazine, "Spring Wheat," will change to "Prairie Grains," beginning with the next issue due out in February.

This change reflects a broader content, as the Minnesota Barley Growers Association, North Dakota Grain Growers Association, and the Minnesota Association of Wheat Growers have decided to join together in providing information to area growers through this magazine.

It is a direction that the three association boards hope will offer more worthwhile information to both ND and MN growers, improve communication efficiency, and increase awareness of the fact that it can be beneficial for our associations to work more cooperatively.

This isn’t just about changing the name of a magazine. The joint decisions behind the changes should be a symbol of how we can all work together. The pages of Prairie Grains should reflect our commitment to providing association members information that is valuable to their operations.

Recognizing the changing dynamics of U.S. and world agriculture, we want to focus on information that will help growers take command of their own destiny, although applicability may not always be immediately apparent.

For instance, the story on the internet in this issue may not hit home with you right now; however, in the future it could be technology that provides growers with the information and communication tools needed to compete in a global marketplace.

Our associations can be successful in identifying agricultural trends and pursuing the opportunities that are possible, if we work together to make them happen. We will use our joint Prairie Grains magazine to help illustrate that intent.

Copyright Prairie
Grains Magazine
December 1995