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December 1995

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1995 Small Grain Stats





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ND produced just over 300 million bushels of wheat in 1995, according to the ND Ag Statistics Service. Production problems in Kansas made ND the top wheat state, even though production in ND was down 56 mill. bu. from 1994. Average yield was 27 bu/acre, down from 31.7 in 1994 and the 34 bu. five-year average.

ND produced almost 104 mil. bu. of barley, down about 11 mil. bu. from 1994. Average yield was 46 bu/acre, down from 55 bu/acre in 1994 and the 54.2 average.

Minnesota produced 71.8 mil. bu. of wheat in 1995, up slightly from 71.3 produced in 1994. The average spring wheat yield at 32 bu/acre is up 4 bu. from 1994, according to the MN Ag Statistics Service.

Barley production was estimated at 29 mill. bu. in Minnesota, down 1 mil. bu. from 1994. Average yield at 50 bu/acre was the same as in 1994.

ND produced almost 23 mil. bu. of oats, down from 33.5 mil. bu. in 1994. Minnesota’s oat crop at 18 mill. bu. was down 27 percent from 1994; it was the state’s smallest production since 1877.

MN Wheat Council Nominations

Three seats on the board of the Minnesota Wheat Research and Promotion Council will expire in 1996. Minnesota wheat farmers interested in running for these seats should contact the MWRPC at 800-242-6118 by mid January to have their names entered in the March, 1996 commodity election ballots.

ND Plan Deducts Health Costs

The NDGGA is promoting the AgriPlan/BizPlan, which helps members obtain 100 percent-tax deductibility of family medical expenses to qualifying self-employed farmers.

For a small annual fee, AgriPlan/BizPlan performs the tax-code documentation and maintenance necessary to realize tax savings; about 25,000 farmers and small business owners saved an average of $1,800 in taxes through the plan in 1994 alone. AgriPlan/BizPlan’s service is made available through 4,500 tax professionals nationwide. For more information, contact AgriPlan/BizPlan at 800-884-9413.

Annual Reports Available

Growers interested in receiving a free annual report of the Minnesota Wheat Research and Promotion Council should contact the MWRPC office at 800-242-6118. Copies are also available at county extension and FSA offices.

Growers Eligible for $750 Grants

Wheat growers ages 20 to 35 who have not previously won a trip to a national wheat meeting are eligible to apply for several $750 grants, to be awarded in a leadership development program sponsored by Monsanto and the National Association of Wheat Growers Foundation.

The $750 awards will help defray cost of attending either the NAWG convention in Reno, Nevada, Feb. 7-10, 1996 or the NAWG Summer Leadership Conference July 28-31, 1996, in Sun Valley, Idaho. Entry forms may be obtained by contacting the MAWG at 800-242-6118 or the NDGGA at 800-932-8822. Application deadline is Nov. 27, 1995.

Robust, Stander Leading Varieties

Robust remained the most popular barley variety grown in Minnesota this past growing season, although its share of total acreage in the state dropped 9 percent from 1994.

Robust claimed 44 percent of Minnesota’s total barley acreage in 1995, according to the Minnesota Ag Statistics Service. The top variety for the eleventh consecutive year, Robust continues to be popular due to high yield and lodging resistance.

Stander is fast approaching the position as the most popular barley variety in Minnesota, accounting for 43 percent of the state’s total acres in 1995. Excel, in its fifth year on the market, was planted on 7 percent of the total acres, and Morex, 2 percent.

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