Issue 4
December 1995

Be Involved in This Industry of Ours

Brad Fay, NDGGA President






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Growers Association.

As I am writing this, the 1995 Farm Bill has yet to be inked. After bouncing around as a North Dakota Grain Growers Association board member for the past six years, and state president this past year, looking back over the years gives me great satisfaction and pride.

The NDGGA has been your eyes, ears and voice on farm policy issues that affect wheat. You were represented in the ND Legislature and the U.S. Congress through the collective efforts of the NDGGA.

Many who are receiving this issue of Spring Wheat (soon to be Prairie Grains, brought to North Dakota farm mailboxes because of the NDGGA’s involvement) are not yet members.

I ask you...why not? Each year, the challenges to remain viable wheat and barley producers confront us. If we are not willing to help build a unified voice, who will do it for us?

Your dues for NDGGA have already been earned. Now I am asking you to send in the check. Look over the NDGGA membership page elsewhere in this magazine. As little as $65 will get you a NDGGA membership, and will help our organization build a more unified voice.

This past year was filled with challenges and opportunities. Lisa and I would like to say thank you for those experiences.

Be involved in this industry of ours. Make plans to attend the joint North Dakota/Minnesota convention on December 12 and 13, 1995 in Fargo. The program promises to be great, and as always, the fellowship even better.

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December 1995