About U.S. Wheat Production

Six Basic Classes of Wheat (70K)
U.S. Wheat Growing Regions (212K)
Usual Start of Planting & Harvesting (334K)
Feekes' Scale of Wheat Development (27K)
U.S. Grades and Grade  Requirements For All Classes of Wheat (3K)
Top Wheat Producing  States, 1997-99
Top Wheat Producing States, 1994-96
Wheat Production in NAWG States, 1999-2001
Wheat Production in NAWG States, 1996-98
Wheat Production in NAWG States, 1994-96
U.S. Wheat:  Supply and Use, 1978-1996
U.S. Wheat By Classes: Supply and Use
All Wheat: Monthly Average Prices Received by Farmers, 1990-2000
All Wheat: Monthly Average Prices Received by Farmers, 1986-1996
Prices Received By Farmers, NAWG States, 1993-96

About World Wheat Production

Top Wheat Producing  Nations, 1996-99
Top Wheat Producing Nations, 1992-96
Canadian Wheat Growers Region (16K)
Australian Wheat Growers Regions (14K)
European and West  Asian Wheat Growing Regions, By Class (204K)

About Wheat Nutrition

The Kernel of Wheat... (129K)
Wheat Nutrients (6K)
Wheat Flours (6K)
USDA's Food Guide  Pyramid (88K)

Supply/Demand and Trade

U.S. Wheat Exports by Destination, 1995-1996
Wheat  Inspected for Export by Class, Region and Port Area, 1995-1996
World Wheat Supply & Use, 1998-99
World Wheat Supply & Use, 1997-98
World Wheat  Supply & Use, 1996-97
World Wheat Supply & Use, 1995-96
Wheat Supply and Disappearance: Major Exporters, 1991/92-1996/97

Other Information

Weights, Measures and Conversion Factors
Conservation Reserve Program Expirations
Adopt a Wheat Field
Apply Fungicides Effectively

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